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Tonight's restock is one you'll want to check out, even if you're here in The States preparing for tonight's firework festivities! This special restock features one-of-a-kind originals, samples, and prototypes that you won't catch anywhere else-- including here in the future!

Every new product showcased tonight represents my treasured creative time in the studio. I explored unique glaze combinations, unlikely applications, and meticulous gold luster work to make each piece by hand. 

A few of my personal favorites in this assortment are the three cream and sugar sets. I threw each item in the cream and sugar sets on the wheel, altering the rims by hand. I opted to pull handles for a couple pieces, whereas other items remain without a handle, relying on the user to grasp and hold the item more intimately. For one of the sets I looked to the classic silhouette of egg cups, a seldom used tabletop item these days, but one that was once a central accompaniment to polite breakfast dining. This inspiration can be seen on the set below, which has an elevated foot lifting the bowl and mini pitcher from the table surface.

There are also several interesting platters hitting the shop this evening, each an expression of my artistic vision for the table. These pieces are functional, but they're also art. With one-of-a-kind pieces I don't worry about the logistics of expanded production, which necessarily informs a lot of the more commonly stocked products offered in the shop. Each idea is only meant to be made once which offers a special kind of freedom and creativity. As most of these items are extremely time intensive, they won't be added to our regular assortment and they're only available while they last!

I hope you'll enjoy tonight's assortment, released at 7 PM EST. Signup for the newsletter here for a reminder email delivered at approximately 7 PM EST!



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