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A year ago I purchased my first home and began the process of making a drab, beige space feel bright, fresh, and mine. One of the biggest challenges I've faced is how to decorate my living room. It's a weirdly long room with three different doorways, four large windows, and a fireplace with an oversized mantel, making furniture placement tricky and TV placement even trickier. Our temporary (ahem, one year) solution has been to not put a TV in the living room at all. We tucked our TV into the sunroom simply because it was easier, and for the last year we've enjoyed all our favorite shows through an opaque white glare courtesy of the sunroom's wall to wall, floor to ceiling windows. The second I saw Samsung's new, game changing TV I knew my days of TV placement settling were about to end. Say hello to The Frame, a 4K UHD piece of art.

The Frame is designed to work as a thoughtful design piece in any room, which is basically the total opposite of any other TV. Forget about bundles of wires and the stark black rectangle we all pretend we don't notice dominating an entire wall. The Frame becomes a fully integrated addition to your room-- so much so, that I actually used lifestyle shots of The Frame on my living redesign inspiration board! I've added arrows to the image below to show you exactly what I mean. This is a TV that can bring an entire room together, just like a large piece of artwork!

Have you ever seen a TV look so good? Me neither. Now that I know about The Frame my next challenge is to decide where to put one. I have two primary options in my living room. The first is above my mega mantel. I already have a piece of artwork there, so switching that canvas out for what is basically another but which has a built-in TV sounds like a pretty awesome option. The room is #disclaimer a work in progress, I'd need to style my curio cabinets on either side of the mantel/The Frame's new home and finish painting all the crown molding (that was beige!), but otherwise I wouldn't need too much and that's pretty appealing!

The other placement option is to add The Frame into my gallery wall. The Frame comes with  over 100 professionally curated works of art plus I could even upload my own. It also has a brightness sensor and automatically adjusts color and brightness to the ambient lighting in the room. I already love this textural number below, so I'd definitely give that a whirl for a while and then switch it out instantly when I want something new and fresh! I can also always easily switch out the frames, as they have interchangeable options like white, light wood and dark wood, giving me that much more flexibility in easily refreshing my space whenever I want.

I love the idea of focusing on a subtle gallery theme, such as travel photos and carrying that same concept onto the selected artwork on The Frame. Right now my gallery wall is an eclectic mix of antique furnishings, small watercolors I painted, travel photos, and sentimental black and white shots. I love that The Frame comes with plenty of art options that could beautifully work with what I already have on display!

A big thank you to Samsung for sponsoring this post! Learn more about The Frame here!

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  • Posted On June 30, 2017 by Bonnie Maheux

    Have been watching your progress ever since your gram turned me on to you. I absolutely love the leaf mugs and pretty much all you’ve done. This idea is so exciting and fresh and new. You are extremely talented and I am extremely jealous! Congratulations to you.

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