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Spring has officially sprung! Greens are getting greener, trees fuller, blooms bigger and brighter. Color is everywhere. Spring is my favorite season and its fresh, cheerful display directly influences my glaze palette year round. I hold pretty tightly to pastels and girly pinks even in the cooler barren months, although this year I introduced some darker greens and blues into my collection. (A decision that made me very, very happy!) 



But there is something about the sudden explosion of color and the flashing, dappling light of springtime that completely intensifies my love affair with flowery hues. This spring I decided to celebrate this source of color inspiration (alright, obsession) by creating a new collection of charming, round-bellied vases. Plus, I really needed some cute vases to hold sweet little stems from my own garden, and I thought it'd be nice to share. My favorite thing about these vases is that they transition from useful blossom holders to modern, decorative pots flawlessly, making them a wonderful addition to any room year-round.

Each vase is bold enough to stand on its own, but they're also intentionally made to go together. The differences in heights, profiles and watercolored glazes makes these pots ideal for mixing and matching. Think of these vases like flowers. Pick and pluck your favorites to create your own beautifully unique vase bouquet!

I'm already imagining I'll soon have a cluster of vases filled with fragrant flowers completely overtaking the dresser in my bedroom. Give me a few weeks and it'll happen. I can't help it, sometimes I have to keep some pottery for myself. And of all the things I'm currently making, these vases are way up on my list of things I'll probably find an excuse to keep, a few times over. What do you guys think of these new designs?


  • Posted On April 22, 2013 by joanna

    i absolutely love them!!! i totally want a grouping of them on a windowsill or table. so gorgeous, great job! <3

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