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Something a little (okay, a lot) different was happening behind the scenes the past few months and it's finally ready to hit the shop! My adventures with brown stoneware, a clay about as different as it gets from our smooth white porcelain was well documented the past few months on instagram. I grabbed 50 pounds of this speckled brown clay on a whim and threw a collection of unique forms that all pushed me out of my comfort zone. Some a big, some tall, some curvy, so squat.. the challenge for this collection was to make something different without hesitation. What a challenge that was!

As a production studio we have a certain rhythm and repetition in the studio that has turned into a quiet hum in the background of our weekly tasks. Working entirely independently on this stoneware collection in my private home studio (my very messy garage) provided a new rhythm and put my now well established production methods into question. Why is it that I now only make pieces with repeatability in mind? Doesn't that zap creativity, exploration, and potential growth right where it starts? Whoa. That's a big discovery.

For this collection I tossed all the rules aside. I made glaze formulas I'd never usually consider. I hunted for a beautiful satin matte glaze only to rediscover why I love the glossy glazes I already make! I sat with each pot, slowly, intentionally deciding how to glaze it. I wanted to capture my self expression, my movement as the artist working with a three dimensional form, and I wanted my glazes to be themselves-- to melt, and pool, and overlap to create dynamic surfaces. And than of course came the gold. 

The resulting collection is the highlight of my year as a working artist. I felt empowered to ask brave questions of myself that I usually silence to keep up with the momentum of production. I fell back in love with my chic high gloss watercolor glazes that I too often take for granted. And I worked with a totally different type of dirt! One that felt sandy and pebbled when it was finished firing yet as smooth as melted chocolate when I threw it on my wheel! 

I'm so excited to share this *very* limited collection with you! The collection launches this Tuesday, 11/20 at 4 PM EST. Join my newsletter here for a reminder (and exclusive specials) before it goes live! These small collections always sell out quickly. You'll want to set an alarm for this one!

xoxo Lindsay


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