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Happy Holidays! Our 2018 limited edition handmade porcelain ornaments have hit the shop shelves!! This year's ornament designs are all about celebration and joy! I'm thrilled with the final result and the design process that lead us to these festive bottles of bubbly decked out in real 22k gold!

I began designing our 2018 ornaments over six months ago, and had more than a dozen variations throughout the prototyping process. Usually my design process is quicker, with fewer iterations but I was stumped on our 2018 ornaments. Admittedly, it's been a challenging year. We moved into our first commercial space in February and there has been a steep learning curve with that move. We took on overhead where we'd previously had none, hired our first employee, took on payroll, and the process of training our studio assistant all in a single blink. Turns out that's a lot to do at once. Duh, right? Then add into the equation that my commercial designs with Anthropologie are maturing, and we're working in the studio to keep our handmade line consistent yet fresh enough that it's exciting for us to make and for you to collect. Oh, and I started a brand new business, The Studio Source an online artist community with my friend and fellow artist, Allie Dattilio.

Okay so it was a big year with a lot of change, and I felt deeply in that change when I was designing. I think it's important to design work that truthfully resonates with my reality, trends I'm seeing, reactions I'm having in the present. How could I create an ornament that symbolized 2018... but in a positive, celebratory way? After all the changes are all good! They're big goals years in the making that were finally hit, and passion driven hardwork for future growth. Sure there challenging, and even hard at times but these are moments to celebrate! I can't think of a better way to have spent a year when I look at it that way.

Then it hit me: Bubbly. That's exactly the purpose champagne serves! We pop champagne to celebrate hard efforts that finally broke through to achievement! We deserve to celebrate, both the joy of the holiday season and our efforts this year!

Bubbly Ornaments are available in a classic green, black, and 22k gold Champagne bottle, and a rose pink, white, and 22k gold Rosé bottle! I hope you'll love them and their meaning just as much as I do! Click to shop here!

xoxo Lindsay


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