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The holidays are all about indulgence. The dieter throws caution to the wind, partaking in gluttonous proportions. The minimalist suddenly feels the lure of consumerism and the lustful urge to spend, spend, spend. We feel envy for the things we wanted but didn't receive, pride for our shiniest gift of all, and greed for everything we'll be putting those gift cards toward, like asap. We daydream of those lazy, slothful days we'll spend lounging around with nothing but our newest gadgets and loved ones by our sides. And let's not forget wrath. It may not be the most obvious of the 7 Holiday Sins, but it's totally there... if we look for it.

Miu Miu's 7 Holiday Sins campaign embraces the stunning, playful contradictions synonymous with their brand. Their designs are elegant yet spunky, edgy yet demure, refined yet boldly fresh. Their new fragrance is a direct extension of this beautiful contradiction, both in scent and in appearance. Atop the seemingly soft, quilted, opaque blue glass bottle sits a bright, translucent red disc. A daring visual juxtaposition, the design works. Not only that, it's a total showstopper.

Similarly, the scent is traditionally alluring, with sensual floral Lily of the Valley and the earthy, peppery Akigalawood, an extract of patchouli. It's sophisticated, sensual, mysterious, youthful and fun. The perfect contradictory balancing act that just works.

As for wrath at the holidays it's there in that same wonderfully contradictory way. It's in the sour sting of the perfectly-in-season pomegranate; in the torch fire bubbling, caramelizing, and burning the delicate layer of sugar atop crème brûlée; and it's there in the violent cutting, dicing, and chopping behind each and every, gloriously golden holiday meal.

Celebrate those beautiful contradictions in your life with Miu Miu's tantalizing fragrance. The perfect holiday indulgence for yourself or your favorite friend!

xoxo Lindsay

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  • Posted On December 13, 2016 by Lindsay - Suite One Studio

    Hi! Aren’t they great!? The picks are vintage and there aren’t any maker’s marks on them, unfortunately. I found them at a local antique shop without any brand information with them. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest looking on ebay or etsy for something similar. Best of luck!

  • Posted On December 12, 2016 by Martina


    Where are these cocktail picks from?? I’ve been looking for them everywhere…

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