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The holiday season is here (cue inner thoughts about how on earth it's already December!?) and with it the happy flood of holiday cards. I haven't quit mastered the whole minimalism thing, plus I'm sentimental to boot, so I like to hold onto greeting cards, at least for the season. I've tried displaying them on the fridge, counter, mantle, etc but the joyous cluster always ends up looking like a jumbled paper mess.

This year I decided to tackle this annual card clutter by creating a festive display board that thanks to its obvious seasonality, will make taking the whole thing down less grippingly sentimental, and instead a simple seasonal farewell. Bye bye card from grandma, sorry but the calendar made me do it. See you next year!

To Get Started You'll Need:

Bulletin/cork board (You can even use foam core board)

Enough fabric to cover the board with at least 2" extra on all four sides.

Staple Gun (This is my favorite staple gun, between art school and home projects I've used several different staple guns and this is by far my favorite. I love how light weight and easy the squeeze release is on this product. A great option for those of us with small hands!)


Ribbon (enough to overhang your board by 2" on each side")

Gift Bow


On a flat surface lay your fabric face down and position board on top, also face down.

Make sure you have approx. 2" extra fabric on all four sides to cover the board. Beginning on one side gently pull your extra fabric to the backside of the board and staple in place.

Move to the opposite side and give the fabric a little tug to ensure you won't have wrinkles and staple in place. (I stapled each side in three places, the top, middle and bottom.)

Repeat on the remaining two sides.

Next flip your board over to be sure you're ready to attach the ribbon. Like what you see? Go ahead and position your ribbon-- I found this easiest to do with the board leaning against a vertical surface. This way I could tilt the board to staple the ribbon on the backside, while still inspecting that my ribbon was nice and straight.

Once your ribbon is secure go ahead and attach your bow where the ribbons overlap on the front. My gift bow had an adhesive back, which I used. I added a hidden staple on the adhesive just in case.

That's it! Now you're ready to start displaying your holiday cards in the festive style they deserve!


Happy Holidays!

xoxo Lindsay and The Suite One Studio Team


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