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I couldn't look away from the news last night and I've struggled all day to find a way to put my thoughts into words. I'm still not there. This week has been so collectively heartbreaking for our country. I've seen signs and messages of solidarity all over the Internet and the coming-togetherness of it all has been a flicker of light in the darkness. I deeply believe that we're all better together. Many of our greatest moments together happen around the table and as a maker of tableware it's no surprise that that's where my mind keeps taking me. There's something universally human about eating together, a basic simplicity that we have the luxury to elevate into beautiful dining experiences. I wanted to do something to add to our collective happiness and joy today, something admittedly small and relatively insignificant, but something that I hope will bring a smile or even a friggen squeal of delight... Like a little happy bubble of good that will make the air lighter for a moment. It's not meant as a distraction. But a reminder that we will overcome this together, and that many big changes start right at home, around the table. So, jump on over to the newsletter sign-up form because I have a special little treat coming your way this evening. Think of it as a happy bubble just for you and yours, which is really us all. 


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