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This post is brought to you by Lauren, your Everyday Designer, although lately I’ve been feeling more like I should be an Everyday Slacker or maybe an Everyday Napper (is that a thing if you’re not a baby? I think it should be a thing).  I think I mentioned last time that we’re between moves with an infant and it’s been utterly exhausting.  Long (long long long) story short we’ve been waiting to close on a short sale for months and in the meantime have been living in a finished garage.  

While I’ve been grateful not to be homeless these past few months, I’m at the end of my rope and ready to get in our house (which is not the short sale—while waiting on the short sale we found an even better house that we love)!  The good news is we close in less than two weeks on our first home and I couldn’t be more excited to bring you guys some Everyday Designer tips as we get settled.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a relaxing Fourth and while I wish I could be throwing my own backyard get together at our awesome new house (there’s a sun porch!); This time around I'm looking to the internet for inspiration and dreaming of future outdoor parties. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor dining posts from around the web, that could be easy additions to your Fourth of July party!

A Tropical Fourth of July Dinner Party from Camille Styles:

I love the usual Fourth of July fare and Americana decorations (there’s just something so comforting about hot dogs on the grill, potato salad, and red, white, and blue plastic plates and cutlery), this tropical dinner party manages to keep the nostalgia while still adding an exciting new twist. Also, how great is the tropical fruit centerpiece? Even as designed challenged as I am, I could easily arrange some fun fruit in a bowl and call it a day. Effortless entertaining!

Bruschetta Bar from What’s Gabby Cooking:

While I’m a big fan of your traditional bar for obvious reasons, I also love these fun make-your-own bars that have been popping up at everything from kid’s birthday parties to weddings. This bruschetta bar looks delightfully delicious and (bonus!) it makes for a super easy appetizer at your next backyard soiree!

Fancy Summer Picnic from Style Me Pretty:

If you’re really looking to impress this Fourth of July (and aren’t living in a garage), Style Me Pretty has an entire gallery devoted to throwing a fancy summer picnic. The tiny tarts are adorable and can easily be recreated with some red and blue fruit for a fun and festive celebration.

Want even more dining-centered inspiration? We have an entire pin board devoted to exactly that. Come follow the seasonal ideas here on the Suite One Studio, Making Mealtimes Beautiful board.


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