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The other day I had a severe craving for white chocolate and pumpkin topped popcorn. I wasn't even sure that was a thing, but that's what I wanted. I did some quick scanning on google, because attention span. And decided that unlike some of the recipes I saw, I wanted to use actual pumpkin in my recipe and not just spices that invoke a semi-pumpkin-like flavor. 

This takes all of five minutes to make and is perfect for fall movie nights! I'm always looking for easy treats like this that wow without requiring lots of time or ingredients, and who isn't?

Full transparency, I used to have chocolate melting anxiety. I didn't have a double boiler for the longest time so I would use two stacked saucepans and my chocolate would often seize. Best tip for faux-double boiler boiling? Only use a shallow amount of water in the bottom saucepan being sure not to let the top saucepan holding the chocolate come into contact with the boiling water below. This allows the steam to gradually and evenly melt the chocolate.



8-10 cups of popped pop corn (I used two single serving size bags of kettle corn)

2 Tbsp canned organic pumpkin

1 and 1/2 cups white chocolate chips

1/4 tsp of pumpkin pie spice

(This will make extra which you can save and remelt to use later, or go ahead and pop an extra bag or two if you're preparing for a crowd.)



Pop popcorn and spread onto a flat pan.

Boil water in a double boiler. 

Heat chocolate chips, pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice in the double boiler, stirring constantly.

Once melted remove from heat and spoon mixture onto the popped pop corn.

The popcorn can be enjoyed right away and it'll be delightfully messy, or you can let the chocolate firm at room temperature or even in the fridge for a cool candy-like snack that can be enjoyed later.






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