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Ready for the easiest DIY you ever DIYed? This may just be it. We're talking glue, glitter, pumpkin, done. And you'll have this totally chic, season-worthy decoration that still fits in with your decor.

I'm all for seasonal decorating and crafting, but when the final product doesn't scream cheap-throw-away plastic or kid's-summer-camp-quality-adult-craft session, well I'm really for it. Especially because the latter can be quite embarrassing. Who hasn't taken that DIY walk of shame? Not this time. Set aside five minutes and grab your supplies, then be ready to wow your guests with this chic project you can be proud to say you made yourself.



Black Glitter

Spray Adhesive


Work outside or on top of newspaper to protect your surface. Follow the instructions on the spray adhesive can and spray the top of the pumpkin only.

Enthusiastically* sprinkle glitter onto glued area. *It's more fun this way and it helps to create that desired dense glitter layer. I like working on a paper surface so that I can fold the paper and funnel the excess glitter back onto the pumpkin or into the container. Clearly I'm not advocating wasting glitter.

Truth be told I used my finger to wipe the glitter from the stem, I preferred seeing the raw pumpkin stem instead of covering it. But I'm one of those messy crafters (no surprise I work in mud, huh?) so you may want to use a damp rag to remove the excess.

The spray adhesive can be used as a sealer too, simply spray a light coat on the glitter to finish.

That's it! A modern and stylish pumpkin to decorate your fall gatherings, whether you're hosting the neighborhood kiddos or your swankiest friends!




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