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Tuesdays are definitely my favorite days. Each week I look forward to sharing a new assortment of freshly made porcelain and a studio update with you. As many of you are aware, the past few weeks have been a bit unusual for me. I traveled to Charleston for business (more on that later), and then made a sudden whirlwind trip from there to Florida, after learning of the tragic loss of my cousin. I've been in a place of introspection and reevaluation as an echoing, "Life is short!" reverberates on repeat.

I took the past weekend off (and I boldly and unapologetically posted it online). Running an online business I feel a lot of pressure to be available at any time, just like my website is. And when I do take time away I tend to keep it quiet, like a dirty little secret. Clearly, this is not a healthy work/life balance.

After years of hard work, long days, even longer nights, and work-weeks that include weekends, my business has stabilized into reliable full-time employment. I'm not drowning anymore. I need to stop gasping for air, and just breathe.

It was challenging for me to step away for the weekend, but I needed it. Similarly it's been challenging the past two weeks to scale back production to work on my studio renovation, but I needed that too.

Yesterday I worked there for the first time! Within the first thirty minutes I felt production stresses and limitations I've dealt with for years melting away. There's still work to be done but it's a functional studio space and it's not in my house. Hallelujah.

The collection released tonight  (at 7 PM EST) reflects my past few weeks. It's a small assortment of thoughtfully made items that can all be mixed and matched together beautifully in countless combinations. Next week the collection will be larger as I settle into my larger space and new production routine. Plus, I have some pretty big news I'm itching to share with you... but you'll have to wait a little longer for that.

Have a great week!



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