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Wow. Is it just me or did April fly by? I can't believe it's May! I absolutely love this time of year, especially since moving to North Carolina. The climate here is amazing for gardening, which I enjoy almost as much as I enjoy making ceramics and cooking. All of these activities begin to overlap during the late spring, filling me to the brim with happiness. Digging in the dirt becomes throwing on the wheel. Firing the kiln becomes plating a fresh salad picked from the garden. Separating the day into isolated events becomes more difficult, as one happy pastime flows seamlessly into the next. 

I spent the weekend cycling through studio and gardening work, preparing for summer and the months ahead. I added three varieties of tomatoes to my garden, strawberries, jasmine, and transplanted some of last year's returning members. What was a small spindly dome of oregano last year has already burst into a large, aggressive bush overtaking the other herbs it played so nicely with last year. I'm wondering why I planted the oregano in the first place. What on earth can I do with it besides make pasta sauce? No seriously. That's a real question. I have a lot of oregano. Do you have any favorite oregano recipes?

In the studio we continued the work on my attached garage/future studio. This has been the longest project I've ever worked on. When we moved into this house four and a half years ago the potential for a garage studio is part of what convinced us to rent this house in the first place. It's been a far more labor intensive project than I originally imagined. And growing a business around the renovations has been a major learning experience. We'll probably only live here for one more year, which is honestly simultaneously encouraging and discouraging to finally finish the space. 

But I'm ready to grow Suite One Studio and I need more space to do this. So the work on the space continues. I'll share photos of the space soon, once it's a little further from a "Before" and a little closer to an "After." I can't wait. I keep telling myself that things worth having are worth the work and the wait.

Speaking of wait, the wait for a shop update is almost over! There will be a shop update tomorrow, 5/5 at 7 PM EST and we'll be back on track for an update every Tuesday. Thanks so much for your patience everyone while I took some time off to be with family. See you tomorrow at 7 PM EST! And don't forget that you can signup for the newsletter for a 10% discount on your first order! 


  • Posted On May 04, 2015 by Alex

    Congrats on the pending expansion! I literally put fresh herbs on everything in the summer. I toss a random mix of oregano, basil, thyme, and rosemary in everything from sauteed veggies to salads. A few favorites for oregano are: http://www.acouplecooks.com/2012/04/radish-and-pea-salad-with-lemon-oregano-vinaigrette/ and http://www.acouplecooks.com/2012/01/greek-quesadillas/ :) I wish we had the NC growing season in Indiana!

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