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Yes, I've completely changed my stance on that old adage. Especially when the candy looks this good and comes from an amazingly thoughtful client. That's the thing about running an online business. Most of you are technically strangers, which feels even weird to type because I've gotten to know so many of you quite well over the past few years since Suite One Studio started, and many of you feel like old friends at this point.

I'm pretty lucky in a lot of ways. First of all, I get to do what I love each and every day, I get to share that love with others, and it provides me a stable income. That's like three huge things, that are individually awesome. I'd consider myself fortunate to have even one of those elements in my life. But through some alchemic combination of grueling hard work and steadfast dedication from you all who buy, support, and spread the word about Suite One Studio, I have all three.

This time of year makes me especially aware of just how much my business has grown over the past twelve months, as a surge of orders flood into my shop. I see names pop up on the order queue that I've seen before, which is always exciting because I can often remember what that customer ordered last time and I can begin to see in my mind all of the really unique Suite One Studio collections that are growing all over the world. It's pretty incredible. And then there are new names and new countries, and that's exciting in a very different way because I can envision the new reach my work is having. I'm not sure if you all realize just how much of a part of this whole big thing you really are. Like, central, at the core of it all kinda big. Now, I would still be making pots if no one was buying them.. but it would be a much sadder scene as I sat at my wheel, throwing pot after pot, talking to my cats and dogs who wonder in and out, and underfoot all day. So, if nothing else, thanks for making that whole scene less pathetic and more.. eccentric.. and profitable. 

Every time you order a piece of Suite One Studio porcelain you're a part of this forward momentum. I feel it in a very real way, and I've learned that many of you feel it too. And that delights me beyond description. It is wonderful to know that what I do, and how I do it, impacts you all. Maybe it's because I made your favorite cereal bowl and that somehow makes mornings a bit more tolerable for you, even before your coffee has finished brewing.. or your new watercolor ring dish just makes you smile each time you see it. The details don't really matter. What does matter is that we're engaged together in this pretty incredible, feel good relationship, plus your tables get to look prettier!

I'm bringing all of this up to say that I appreciate you all so much. And it warms my heart to melty gooieness to know that you appreciate me too. Today I received the most thoughtful package in the mail from Teresa of Now Forager. She is one of my sweetest clients, which is sort of a pun once you hear that she is a chocolatier and pastry chef, and she'll have to forgive me for using that already not great pun for a second time. Teresa sent me these incredible artisinal chocolates that she makes for Christopher Elbow and I was deeply touched by the thoughtfulness of this gesture.

It made me even more aware of how valuable our interactions and relationships are online. It's interesting to run an online business and at times it can be a bit isolating, and I do sometimes feel disconnected from my customers in ways that I imagine I may not experience in a brick-and-mortar, face-to-face scenario. But then something like this happens, and I remember that these online correspondences and online sales all are traceable back to real people-- on both sides of things, and that these connections are very real and very meaningful. I'm very thankful for this platform and for my supportive clients and audience who encourage and contribute to the growth of Suite One Studio. Now if only I could send each and every one of you a box of beautiful chocolates!

A huge thank you to Teresa for this lovely gift, and for the equally lovely perspective of which these delicious sweets have served as a reminder. You're all a very big part of this very big thing we're building together, and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you, each and every kind word, and for those so inclined to gift me with chocolate (which I wholeheartedly encourage), for each and every melty bon bon.


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