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Metallics are one of the most exciting things happening in tableware and home decor right now. The holiday season and wintery months ahead provide an ideal occasion and backdrop for some extra shine and sparkle. I love the way metallics read as a neutral, even though they're really yellows, oranges, and reds, which makes them much easier to coordinate with your existing decor than the more vivid and saturated versions of these colors.

The same basic complementary color rules apply to the shiny versions of these colors as their sheen-less counterparts. Not familiar with complementary colors or need a quick refresher? Complementary colors are the colors that are directly across from one another on the color wheel. Red and green are complementary, Blue and Orange are complementary, and Purple and Yellow are complementary. Now, a little complementary color pairing goes a looooooong way, so use this tip mindfully. For example, a yellow gold will look amazing with any shade of purple, even a purpley blue like cobalt will blow your mind with complementary-goodness if it's paired with a yellow gold. And the orangey red of copper will be incredibly beautiful set beside green goblets, or green pine garlands at your holiday table.

Plus metallics balance out those simpler, humbler materials like wood, and linen perfectly so they're a great addition to the dining room any time of year! Because this is a trend I'm personally really, really digging, it was an extra treat to have my Gold Rimmed Dessert Plates included in the latest People magazine!

Now, it's the Bill Cosby scandal issue... which felt un-celebratory when I was purchasing it... and my sister proudly made me pose with the cover for a quick photo at the grocery store which felt pretty uncomfortable for us both simultaneously, mid-shutter, and I have the awkward photo to prove it... but controversial cover aside, it's a great issue and completely packed with amazing decor and gift ideas! A huge thank you to People magazine for the feature! And a special thanks to actress Meghan Markle for the super sweet words about my little plates! Side note: Have you heard about her new site The Tig? It's pretty amazing. Check it out!


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