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As summer nears its end I'm trying to squeeze in the most quintessentially summer things I possibly can! From backyard BBQs to games of lakeside fetch with my dogs, I want as many summer moments as possible. This easy floral DIY is about a summery as can be and it makes for a stunning tropical centerpiece to accompany the dwindling backdrop of cicadas and balmy patio evenings.

Nothing says hot summer heat to me quite like tropical blooms! I used Oleander in this bouquet (admittedly a controversial choice) as I knew I'd be keeping these poisonous stems away from food, children, and pets. If you can't guarantee the same, I suggest opting for a spiky flowering succulent like a Graptopetalum or a beautiful statement flower like a Protea.

All of the flowers I used in this bouquet were purchased at my local hardware store in their patio garden section. I love the idea of selecting plants that I can grow outside and that look great in an arranged bouquet, it's like getting double the enjoyment out of the same purchase!

You'll Need:

3 lily stems with open flowers and plenty of buds.

3 oleander or substituted flower stems with pointed leaves to add shape variety to the arrangement. (if using oleander wear gloves while handling and immediately discard cuttings.)

2-3 large, rounded palm leaves.

Tall vase

Scissors (why not grab something Instagram worthy like these!)


Fill vase halfway with tepid water. Determine which leaves will fall within the vase and remove those. This will keep translucent vases looking tidy and it'll keep the water cleaner longer. Remaining leaves should begin just above the vase's rim.

To trim the flowers, always cut stems on a diagonal under running water and immediately place into a vase.

The lilies in this arrangement are the anchor flower. They're big and full, and offer the most height and color variety with their open flowers and buds. I placed these in the vase keeping a triangular shape in mind for the overall shape of the arrangement. Notice how the lilies in this first step create a subtle triangle shape, that's a composition trick that'll make for effortlessly interesting and balanced arrangements every time!

Next I used the oleander stems to fill in negative space, especially close to the vase's rim. The bright magenta flowers work beautifully with the softer pink lilies. I've maintained an overall triangular shape in the arrangement through this step, even though some stems will be adjusted before finishing.

Lastly I added in the bright, bold palm leaves. I usually don't work with even numbers when arranging flowers-- that's another compositional trick, but this time two big leaves worked perfectly! Even art "rules" are made to be broken!

I hope you'll enjoy making your very own variation of this bouquet! Enjoy these last vibrant days of summer!

xoxo Lindsay

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