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When I style a table I reach for my glistening gold flatware without giving it a thought. More bling please, always. And that's why this will surprise you, but lately I've been having a moment with these utterly metallic-free settings featuring satiny matte blacks. I noticed this trend at High Point Market in a huge way last month, black was everywhere. In many cases it was paired with high shine, warm toned metallics like gold, brass, and bronze, but in some cases the black was used in place of metallics and that's what really caught my attention! Wait. A table where the silverware is not only not silver, but not even gold, or brass, but matte black? Hmmm.. interesting! I love when design stops me in my tracks and makes me reconsider something I've unknowingly totally taken for granted.

When the first holiday catalogues started arriving in my mailbox over the last few weeks it was clear to me that this trend is here to stay, at least through our holiday tables. Major retailers are working these smooth matte blacks into a variety of home decor categories, including tableware. What's especially interesting to me about the silkiness of these low-gloss blacks is that visually they almost read as a metallic, I don't know how they do it!

The matte black sets are undeniably modern, but I can't stop thinking about pairing these with something rustic or overly dainty and feminine! Wouldn't that be interesting? Of course if you want to pair them with Suite One Studio pieces like those shown above you can shop our custom handblown glasses here and our handmade ceramics here. The gorgeous Shibori napkin is from Rebecca Atwood.

Want to give this trend a try? I've rounded up a handful of my favorite matte black flatware sets from all over the internet at a variety of price points to get you started! xoxo Lindsay


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