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Nothing like a deadline, amiright? It's the last day of March as I'm writing this post, which still totally counts as a March blog post. Now this "Things I'm Loving" post is written with a more retrospective view, so let's just switch over to the past tense, okay? Here's what caught my attention this month:

Navy Powder Rooms: We're tackling the tiny downstairs bathroom in our 1980s colonial at this very moment. We tore everything out in early January-- somewhat unexpectedly. Yeah, there's a story there. And we've been sloooooowly patching, sanding, painting, and most recently prepping to lay tile! Full reveal and details once we finish, in the meantime you can catch all my pretty powder room pining/pinning over here.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread: I buy bananas and watch their journey from green, to yellow, to brown, to black. It's a bad habit, but turns out I'm gonna pick the non-banana snack when given the choice so... that's where this recipe comes in. I made it twice in March and turned those mushy, well-meaning fruits into something worthy of satisfying my sweet tooth. (Use the best dark chocolate morsels you can find, you'll thank me!)

Anthropologie March Catalog and Interview: In the beginning of January we hosted an Anthropologie photoshoot in my studio space, which being a home studio meant we hosted a photoshoot in my mid-reno home. Eeek. The day before the shoot we noticed that our powder room toilet wouldn't stop running. Convinced this was a quick fix (as our minor toilet repairs as renters and Youtube confirmed) we grabbed a replacement flapper and assembly at the hardware store. Thirty minutes later there was a hole in the bathroom floor where the toilet used to be. Life is funny. At least I'm getting a new bathroom! You can catch my interview with Anthropologie here!

Chambray Wash: OMG. I can't get enough of this new glaze option. I pulled one of these platters from our restock stack last week because I had to have one in my own collection. I paint each of these platters with watercolor layers that flow from pale periwinkle to deeper denims and finish each with genuine gold. Obsessed. Get your own here.

What caught your attention in March?

xoxo Lindsay


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