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How is your new year going? We're loving 2020 so far! In the studio we've been working on our next few collections and we're thrilled to share that our Hand-Built Serving Bowl Collection is launching next week!

The exact date is determined by the kiln firings and coolings. We'll send that date and launch time in our next email so you can set your alarm to catch these while they're in the shop!

As an Artist Original Collection each piece was made entirely by my hands from start to finish. I returned to my early roots in clay and worked not on my pottery wheel but only with my hands to shape and pinch these bowls into existence. 

The results are modern, organic porcelain bowls that remind us of one of humanity's greatest innovations: The food vessel.

The photos in this post show three different stages of production: The first is a finished, glazed bowl (shown on top of one of my abstract oil paintings that are coming to the shop in the spring!), the second is the still-wet clay sitting on a plaster slab to aid in the drying process with carved remnants of porcelain removed in the shaping step, and the third photo shows the bowls freshly bisque fired awaiting glaze.

If you want to see more behind-the-scenes photos come hang out with me on instagram! Follow @suiteonestudio for all the ceramic studio goodness, and @lindsayemery_ my new account where I'm sharing more about my life and my career growth into business coaching!

Before I sign off I want to remind you that we have a handful of items marked down in the shop and those discounts are about to disappear! We're removing all markdowns next week. If you've had your eye on something scoop it up!

xoxo Lindsay


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