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Oh my gosh I'm so excited to bring our Pearl glaze back to the shop! Returning this option to the shop wasn't entirely planned, if I'm being totally transparent. Usually I plan our seasonal offerings several months ahead of time and Pearl wasn't on the schedule for this summer (or fall or winter!) but I'm deep in my own wedding planning and I noticed I was gravitating toward simple whites, crystal, pearl, and metallics on my wedding Pinterest board, Backyard I Dos and it got those creative wheels turning! Btw my wedding board is all about embracing an effortless elegance on a budget that doesn't look like a budget wedding and I'll be sharing all kinds of tips and projects as we get closer to our April wedding date so stay tuned!

Surrounded by all the wedding magazines, and pinning a zillion garden party wedding pins with plenty of pearl details scattered about got me thinking about the pearlescent ring dishes we used to offer, and contemplating their return to the shop. Kim has a charcoal gray ring dish with this same pearl finish that she uses everyday for her mother of pearl engagement band and she was dropping some not so subtle hints about bringing it back into the fold too. And then my online bestie, Joanna of Jojotastic came to visit for hpmkt (read about our market trip here) and she loved the pearlescent too and girl has gooooood taste so that tipped the scale. So thanks Kim, and Joanna... and Martha Stewart Weddings. Pearl is back!

This time around I changed my application of the luster finish to better fit our current lineup and I'm obsessed with the abstract brushstroke results. The pearl is layered on our ivory white glaze which provides a high gloss canvas for the iridescent details to really show off. I love that this Pearl glaze works for literally any decor color scheme, any wedding palette, and is a great option for those out there who don't love gold but still want something metallic and flashy making it super giftable. It also can look demure, classic, and sophisticated with softer light and that's a really fun visual balance between the more wild, reflective effect it can have in direct light. Photographers will have fun with this one!

Want your very own Pearl Ring Dish? Grab one (or a set for your bridesmaids!) right here.


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