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I love gold details on the table (duh). The warmth and elegance this metallic adds is difficult to beat. Even the smallest amount upgrades a tablescape instantly! That's precisely why once I began using gold in the studio.. I began using gold on everything in the studio! And you guys loooooved it! Overtime though we started losing some of the functional aspects that durable, handmade porcelain pottery without gold can uniquely offer. Functionality like being able to pop a piece in the microwave (if you've ever forgotten and put a gold gilded piece in the microwave you know from firsthand experience this is a big, sparking no no) because the gold is actual real gold metal! Yikes. So there's that. There's also the fact that the gold is a thin painted layer of metallic detail fired onto the piece in the kiln, and as such this relatively delicate precious metal requires extra care and handling your rigorous home dishwasher just can't provide-- Which is why we always suggest handwashing, but let's be honest, who has time for that every time they want to use a pretty plate?! Some meals deserve that extra attention, but for regular everyday use it can be a bit high maintenance. And ultimately we're only sometimes high maintenance kinda gals here in the studio, mostly we love effortless, easy, and playful elegance.

With all that in mind I've been working to design a set of dishes that captures the Suite One Studio aesthetic without a touch of gold. That was a more challenging than it may sound because our brand has become known as the original gold and watercolor tableware company! Extracting such a key component was a touchy subject when I began throwing the idea around with friends. No, I'm not abandoning the gold, and no, just because knock-offs of our work are having a moment (ugh) it doesn't mean that we're walking away from the designs that made us, us. We're still making all of our key designs that are Suite One Studio at its core. And thankfully now that we're settling into production in the new studio we'll be able to increase quantity to better meet demand for our original designs. The new pieces without gold are just a companion offering to our gold beauties!

What are the new pieces? We're now offering microwave, and dishwasher safe Dinner and Dessert Plates in the perfectly melty cobalt blue splatter! This glaze softly flows into our white glaze for a painterly effect that hits the artistic, watercolor look we all love. The undersides of each piece are sanded to a smooth finish that will become smoother overtime from use and handling, just like your favorite wooden spoon.

We hope you'll love this bold new addition to our collection! We can't wait to see the ways you'll mix and match these low maintenance pieces with the fancy gold items we'll continue to produce! Tables look their best when the piece appear curated, cherished, and thoughtfully layered. We hope our Cobalt Splatter pieces will be a happy addition to your collected table!

xoxo Lindsay

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