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I talk about vintage a lot. Almost as much as I talk about handmade tableware and there's a reason for that! I personally use a ton of vintage pieces throughout my home and table. These pieces have the ability to add warmth, comfort, and familiarity to spaces that could otherwise feel predictably, sterile, or dull.

Mixing vintage into my home is my budget-friendly solution to the emptiness of mass materialism and all the stuff stuff stuff. I'm not a minimalist (HA!) by any stretch. I own way too many things and have bad habits with my possessions that I'm working to overcome as I transition into this more adulty point of adulthood as someone firmly into their thirties and a proud homeowner. Collecting and caring for vintage pieces, and learning to rely on their history and proven function helps me navigate this transition into owning fewer, better things. I've partnered with Chairish (my favorite online source for vintage) to sell an exclusive curation of items I personally collected that are guaranteed to make your table beautiful!

Okay, so maybe that sounds a little too pseudo-philosophical for some of you, and I have zero evidence to say that vintage is slowly saving my life from being a trash pile of needless things, but I can say that thoughtfully purchasing vintage makes me feel like a better consumer/person. Big claim, I know! And as a handmade business obviously I also think handmade is important and full disclosure, I would love it if you purchased some here! But I also know that handmade can be an investment, and that's how it should be. When you buy handmade you're buying more than an object, you're buying the maker's time, skills, ability, creative vision, and you're investing in a beautiful object that'll enhance your everyday moments.

I intentionally design my pieces to be seamlessly at peace with vintage items-- and even those big box basics that we all have. Objects of use, like those at our tables are important and intimate to our lives and the memories we create together. I believe time at the table is some of the best in life and the Suite One Studio for Chairish Vintage Collection is curated with that in mind. In my Chairish shop you'll find vintage items at every price point and a handful of sample pieces from my handmade line too! Shop this exclusive collection here!


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