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I'm starting a new community centered around learning and creativity. I've been talking about this on instagram lately in a pretty vague way, I'll admit, but that's how my idea process works. Right now we're in the semi-inarticulate phase when I know I'm onto something but what exactly I'm onto, well that's to be seen because it doesn't yet exits and it needs to be created. So here goes.

I'm creating a list of interested people who want to learn alongside me in a wide range of topics. (Like the glaze making process that inspired that photo!) We'll begin simply through connecting here on the blog twice a month to learn about a topic. Sometimes I'll be sharing tips and tricks for running an online business, sometimes it could be links to my favorite photography resources, a business or art book I'm reading, or an online class I'm taking that I'd love to explore together.

Eventually I see this evolving into IRL classes and workshops where creatives can feel inspired, share ideas, and learn. Learning is a big part of this, just in case that wasn't clear. Lots of learning. The internet, social media, the ways we work as artists, and the ways we make money as artists are forever changing. I firmly believe that continuing to learn is the only way to find your version of success. Stagnation isn't an option.

If this sentiment appeals to you simply join the email list below! I'll email you when new posts are available, and it will be the primary method for us to stay in touch while I learn what this new book club-ish learning group is going to become.

xoxo Lindsay


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