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There's been a lot of talk in the ceramics community lately about learning opportunities. Many of us turn to social media to connect with others in our industry and we glean bits of knowledge through watching each other work. I've used instagram stories a lot this summer to take my followers behind the scenes covering everything from kiln unloading, to wheel throwing, to the books I'm reading to deepen my understanding of glaze chemistry. In response you guys have sent me thoughtful questions and many people have asked about workshops. Before I run an official workshop and charge an attendance fee, I thought it could be a really unique learning opportunity if I offered a free open studio workshop.

My goal with this event is that we can learn from each other! It'll be less structured than future events and I'll be looking to this group's attendees to directly shape the material we cover. I hope that lasting connections will be made amongst those attending, and that we can openly learn from each other.

Into it? The event is happening on Saturday, 8/18-- soon I know! This is the link, and even though it's a free event registration is required. There are only 12 spots, many of which are already claimed. If you're a ceramic artist in the NC region and want to spend a day hanging out in my studio learning together, we'd love to have you! 

There will be future events happening and of course I'd love your input for those as well. Reply here or send me a message on instagram about what you'd like to learn in the future!

Click here for tickets!

xoxo Lindsay


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