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Before I even begin, clever post title shout out goes to Suite One Studio team member, Lauren. If ever a clever phrase is needed, she's your girl. Now what this post has to do with a 2005 film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer? Well that's 100% nothing. Full disclosure to those of you who were hopeful. Instead this post is about Valentine's Day, Andy Warhol and Pop Art inspired cookies. All things that I quite frankly am way more interested in.

The best part about this DIY is that it's any skill level. You can opt for pre-made cookie dough if you're in a pinch for time, or you can use any sugar or shortbread cookies recipe out there to create your base. You'll need this lip cookie cutter, food coloring, black icing pen, and frosting (again either store-bought or your favorite homemade recipe).

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I used this shortbread cookie recipe via Food and Wine. And a basic buttercream recipe like this one from Betty Crocker. Follow the directions for your chosen cookies and allow cookies to cool to room temperature (important to prevent frosting from melting). While your cookies are cooling prepare your frosting in a large bowl. The color guide below will guide you through mixing the lip hues, which is all done in one bowl gradually from lightest to darkest color.

Mixing the colors in one bowl is a great time saving tip. Start by preparing the lightest color and frosting a few cookies with this color before moving onto the next color. Once you have your desired number of light pink lips, you'll be adding a little more food coloring to create the next hue which you'll then use for a few cookies before moving onto the next color. Just remember that there's no going back to previous colors if you work this way. But the benefit of this method is that it's way faster and you won't have to portion or wash five different bowls' worth of frosting. I just won you over there, didn't I?

Lip Color Gradations (begin with a white frosting base):

Light Pink: 1 drop red food coloring

Light Coral: Use above Light Pink base + 2 drop yellow food coloring

Orange: Use above Light Coral base + 2 drop yellow food coloring

Medium Coral: Use above Orange base +1 drop of red food coloring

Red: Use above Medium Coral base +2 drop of red food coloring

Once all the cookies are frosted place in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to allow frosting to firm. This makes adding the black outlines easier. To add the black details to the lips simply draw the outline of lips, using the shape of your cookie as a guide. Then add a line down the center and gestural creases. It's okay if your lines are a little wiggly or varied. This will only add print-like quality of the cookies.

I can't possibly end an Andy Warhol inspired post without one of his famous quotes and this one seems especially good right about now:

Happy Valentine's Day!


xoxo Lindsay

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