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Let's talk about the new Pre-Order Shop here on the site. Ever want something that's sold out? That can be such a frustrating experience. Our old process was to encourage you to wait for the product to come back in stock. That was also pretty frustrating. Then comes the waiting.. and the waiting.. and maybe that thing you loved never comes back.

Keeping up with demand is one of the biggest problems we've had over the years in this handmade ceramic business. Yes, it's a good problem to have in theory... but we're also a very customer centered business prioritizing your satisfaction and support above all, so this "good problem" never sat well with us. Here's something actually good-- a solution.

The Pre-Order shop is our inventive way to solve this issue, offering our amazing customers a solution worthy of their ongoing love and support. Gone are the days of unknown waiting. Now you can place your order directly from our ongoing stash of handmade ceramics and we'll glaze and fire your items just for you! This does a few very cool things for our small business:

It makes it possible for you, the supportive customer and savvy collector to do what you've always wanted to do: Buy more handmade Suite One Studio porcelain directly from the source while helping our small business grow by better managing our small-batch inventory. 

The offerings in the Pre-Order shop will change monthly. We're including our ongoing production of fan favorites (like our Rose and Gold Dessert Plates that aren't going anywhere, as well as our monthly Limited Editions once the immediately available inventory has sold out.) The entire Pre-Order process takes as little as a few days from the time you place your order to the time it is ready to ship. The turnaround time is clearly placed in each listing within the Pre-Order shop, and depends upon the time you place your order and where we are in our production cycle at the moment.

This approach makes it possible for us to make more informed choices about what we're working on within the studio, and it provides an opportunity to offer seasonally special products without committing to full-scale production of those products.

We're thrilled with the reception of this new system! We've received dozens of Pre-Orders the past two months since rolling out this new option and the feedback from customers who have received their Pre-Ordered products has been exceptionally positive! 

We love that this process allows us to work together collaboratively to solve a challenge in our business while bringing you right into the studio as a part of our production! 

Thank you so much for supporting this new idea! 

xoxo Lindsay

Visit the Pre-Order shop here. What's not to love about this process?:

When our best selling designs sell out, you can now order your custom quantity set as a pre-order. The moment your pre-order is placed we begin making your items just for you! Please note our made-to-order production timeline in each product description. Once your items are finished they'll be carefully packed and shipped to you. 


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