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This holiday season we're introducing our first candle to the Suite One Studio shop! This time of year one of my greatest and simplest pleasures is sitting within the glow of flickering candlelight. Add a faux fur throw, fluffy slippers, an oversized sweatshirt and a mug of something steamy, and it's my dream evening at home. That simple feeling of domestic contentment is what I wanted to capture in scent. 

I wanted a scent that stirred holiday recollections without being specifically pine scented, and a scent that was equally delicate, floral, earthy, and woodsy. I dreamed of a candle that men and women would purchase, without either group claiming it as "feminine" or "masculine" --instead this would be a scent that everyone felt connected to based on their own seasonal memories and holiday traditions. And I wanted a candle that could softly fill a room without a fog of perfume intoxication. Just a good, fireside in your favorite sweater feeling... but as a candle. A lot to put on a vessel of scented wax, I know. 

I partnered with the passionate team of Chandlers (did you know that's what a candle maker is called?) at Candlefish in Atlanta to find the absolutely perfect scent for our first ever private label candle. This candle with its long, 50-60 hour burn time will carry you from the first winter chill until the days of deep thaw. Their team was knowledgable about every scent in their 100 candle library, and within a few sentences of my flourishing description our Chandler, Erin had pulled a small assortment of scents that hit those notes perfectly. It was impressive to see (and smell) my ideas set before me in simple glass jars and creamy white soy wax. How did they capture the essence of my most wintery memories and present it to me in candle form? Magic. And that's the feeling I want to share with you!

Considering that our sense of smell is the most closely linked to memory recall of all our senses, it's no real surprise that the candle they created for us is exactly what I dreamt our first candle would encompass. Upon removing the natural cork lid gentle notes of eucalyptus, balsam fir, and pine paint the air to transport you back to your favorite holiday moments, and provide the perfect canvas for creating new traditions you'll cherish.

There's nothing overly holiday specific about the scent or packaging so this candle can stay out long after the holiday decorations come down. The label features my original watercolor painting of the mineral, Malachite for a luxe yet approachable look that fits into any decor. Each candle comes with a natural cork lid, a cute pink matchbox with porcelain-white tipped matches, and is tied with deep emerald green velvet ribbon making it under-the-tree ready! Pair it with a ring dish to hold your matches, or a dessert plate to keep everything neatly organized and you've got a handmade gift set that'll impress just about anyone!

A big thank you to Candlefish for making my candle dreams come true! Shop Wintery Memories here.


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