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One of the greatest takeaways from my years in business is to create what you wish existed. This is the approach I use in my ceramic studio and it was how I came to decide that I wanted to design a line of colorful, modern, handmade glassware. 

I took to my sketchbook and painted a watercolor of the glass I wish existed. I wanted it to have bright color, but translucency. Be able to hold a deceptively hefty amount of liquid, while appearing and feeling lightweight in the hand. I wanted a clean, classic silhouette that hit modern sensibilities, but with a twist-- that's where the deep angle of the glass comes into play. I also wanted to design something that would be practical. Easy to handle, pass down the table, wash (dishwasher safe!), and store in the cabinet. 

As you can see in the above photo, we made changes to the product design along the way. We dropped the angled belly to a lower point on the glass and straightened the walls of the glass to showoff the curve. These changes also made it easier to hold and created a better balance for the liquid filled glass.

I reached out to local glassblowers at STARworks and worked directly with glass artists, Joe Grant and Thoryn Ziemba to create these special pieces. We worked through multiple rounds of sampling, had a wooden mold custom carved to help with the hot glassblowing process, and put the product into production. 

You can now shop these custom Suite One Studio stemless wine glasses in the shop! They're currently available in three colors: Peony Pink, Regatta Blue, and Opal Swirl. I hope you'll love them!


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