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Four years ago I did something that made me nervous. I had this great pink glaze formula I'd finally mastered (learn about my favorite glaze making resources here) and I was already working with gold and making dessert plates, but I'd never combined these elements into one design. On a whim I did it. I added swirls of my pink glaze to the organic form of my dessert plates and painted a wavering gold line onto the plate's rim. When that first set came out of the kiln I knew I was onto something! This is a screenshot of that first set shared on instagram back when using filters was the thing to do on instagram, because artsy!

This design changed everything. Millennial Pink was about to start its ascension and these plates spoke to the resurgence of well made, thoughtfully designed products made by artists preferred over mass production and anonymity. Opportunities, interviews, magazine features, design licensing, you name it.. many of my favorite moments in my business came from this singular moment of trusting my gut and creating something I wanted to buy but that didn't exist. Since then this plate has become synonymous with the Suite One Studio brand!

To celebrate we're offering 25% all dessert plates in the shop this week! Stock up for your holiday entertaining or get started on that Xmas list early. Use code: DESSERT at checkout! Shop here! A huge thank you to the thousands (that literally makes me giddy to think about just how many of you have believed in my vision!) of your who have purchased these glamorous plates over the years. We truly couldn't have grown this tiny handmade business into what it is today without your support!

xoxo Lindsay


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