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I'm so excited that the secret is finally out! If you haven't heard I'm talking about the news of Joanna Hawley's work as guest Creative Director for Ziploc! I was approached over this past summer by Joanna in a super casual phone conversation, during which she asked me if I'd be interested in working with her to pull together a collection of Suite One Studio pieces for the Ziploc photo shoots. I say super casual intentionally to make a point because Joanna's laid-back, design-is-my-life attitude allowed her to deliver the news with a calmness I couldn't even fake. I almost couldn't believe she meant THAT Ziplock, she was that cool about it. Cool as a cucumber...? It's that same cool attitude that guides her blog, Jojotastic, and in my opinion is exactly what makes her blog stand out from the gazillion other blogs out there. It's fashion, art, design, lifestyle, some travel, recipes, and adorable pet photos thrown in for good measure all delivered with a fresh, fun, relaxed stride. I can see why Ziploc wanted her, can't you? 

Who doesn't need a handful of quick party appetizers at the ready as the holiday season approaches?I'm really excited to try all of these recipes. All of them. Not only do these recipes look utterly amazing, but the beautiful and approachable presentation wins me over. This food is pretty to look at, but more importantly these images make me want to pull up a chair and dig in. 

Each image links directly to the recipe, so if you see something that looks particularly Must-Try-Now just click! These olives look perfect for a cold winter night's snack. And the prep photo below shows the start of Spanakopita Cups, which I think is totally brilliant.

I'm especially happy to see that little red bowl get so much love and use in this collection. As you may have noticed bright Lipstick Red isn't a color I currently stock in my shop. It is so pretty though, isn't it? Joanna and I have talked for some time about adding a gorgeous bright red to my line, which proves a big challenge on the glaze chemistry side of things. But for this special collection I put on my mad scientist thinking cap and made it happen! Happy dance. Eventually I'll add a red to the assortment in my shop, for now though I leave you with this teaser.

A big thank you to Joanna for inviting me to be a part of this exciting project, and Ziploc too!


(The gorgeous photos are all credited to the very talented Claire Hudson.)



  • Posted On October 23, 2013 by joanna

    you’re the best! thanks so much for creating beautiful pieces. i could NOT have done this project without you. ps – the gorgeous red bowl says hi ;)

  • Posted On October 23, 2013 by suzanne

    Congrats Lindsay! This is such exciting news and I love the way you described Joanna’s conversation. If only we all could be so cool! :D

  • Posted On October 23, 2013 by Diana

    So awesome!!! Congrats!!!

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