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I'm completely in love with fall this year. It's only just beginning but I'm already head over heels for falling, crunchy leaves, brisk evening walks around the neighborhood, snuggling under a pile of knitted blankets, and the delicious smell of soup simmering on the stovetop. Growing up in New England, September marked a huge seasonal shift and was packed full of traditions to celebrate the bold foliage and plummeting temperatures. Now that I live in North Carolina fall is a bit different. The leaves still change and fall, and the light still becomes that perfect golden hue just before sunset, but the temperatures linger right around a comfortable 60 degrees for months, instead of dropping quickly to near freezing by October. 

The days here remain so consistently pleasant for so long that I find it very easy to push the traditional fall activities off to another day, another time. There isn't the same pressing countdown that I remember from when I lived in New Hampshire. The sort of pressure that reminds you that fall is fading fast and soon you'll be shoveling your way out of your back door. That isn't how fall is down in the South. Which in many ways is wonderful, but in other ways is a challenge to remember to really celebrate the season, because winter will come even if the descent is slower.

In an effort to do more with fall while fall is here I have spent the last few weekends enjoying the small joys that autumn uniquely offers. I went to my friend Katie's house (she's half of the blogging duo behind the lifestyle blog, Twin Stripe) two weekends ago and we made s'mores in the most genius way ever. Click here to check it out (those of you with little or no outdoor space, this technique will make you happy!).

Katie provided an assortment of Artisan chocolates, which was a very, very good idea. S'mores are already pretty perfect, but when you're using Sea-Salt Chocolate bars they approach ecstasy status. Sooooo good.

Continuing in my desire to do all things fall, I spent the weekend making pumpkin soup (recipe coming soon!) and worked on a new fall landing page for my website:


I'm really feeling deep, saturated hues this fall. Especially Navy, Emerald, Peacock, Cobalt, balanced with gray toned neutrals, bright white and gold. You'll see more of these colors in my fall collection which is rolling out in waves beginning this week. Lots of serving items and oven-to-table pieces coming!

What are you loving and enjoying this fall?


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