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One of the perks of running a ceramics business is that I have just about any ceramic item I could possible want or need right within reach (and when I don't I simply run to my studio to make one for future use!). I'll admit, while my goal is to sell each and every ceramic piece I add to my shop, sometimes I really enjoy it when a piece doesn't sell right away. Like this sweet little yellow vase for example. I adore this vase. Can you see why?


Its round little belly, short stature, and wide rim makes this vase perfect for holding flowers with similar qualities; that is, short stems with full, round blooms. It's a happy vase that deserves happy flowers. Simple as that.

For this arrangement I used a large, bright yellow Chrysanthemum (this particular kind is referred to as a Spider Mum at my local market) to accent the yellow of the vase. Working with the basic idea of complementary colors I added a handful of purple daisies all at slightly different heights and stacked them together, filling most but not all of the empty space left at the rim. I worked with odd numbers to keep the overall feeling of the arrangement light and not overly styled. I then added sprigs of Lemon Thyme from my garden to fill in the gaps and to add a fun, sculptural element, not to mention that they also added the most magnificent scent!

The three variations of plants here work together to create a unified arrangement/composition for a few reasons: The overall color scheme is simple and balanced by relying on the complementary nature of purple and yellow. The yellow of the vase is reinforced by the yellow Mum, and by the middles of the daisies. The greenery provided by the Lemon Thyme keeps the arrangement fresh and quirky, giving an effortless attitude to the entire display.

One day this pretty little vase will have a new home, but until then I will be enjoying it in my own home holding my favorite summer flowers!


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