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I'm a color lover, take a look at my ceramics and that's probably not surprising. I have a habit of flipping feverishly through magazines looking only at blurs of color, pattern, and texture, trying to spot repeating elements. That's one of the ways I like to trend spot, Pinterest is also a crazy good way to do this (I know, duh, right? But worth the plug anyways.) 

I recently shared the exciting news on Instagram that we've had another addition to the growing Suite One Studio team! Diana is joining us on social media and right here on the blog where she'll be contributing new columns, including a new Trend Setting column. Her background in commercial textile design and manufacturing has offered her unique opportunities to study trends, and I mean really study them, in depth reports and that kind of thing. I may be an expert magazine flipper, but trend spotting is only part of the story. Diana is here to teach us all how to not only notice the trends we're seeing, but how to dissect and reassemble them in our own homes and lives, that's where Trend Setting comes in. Read Diana's first trend post below and get ready to be inspired!



Colors and trends can be both amazingly inspiring and also a little intimidating, which is why we want to bring you an exciting, easy-to-implement Trend Setting each month.  Each Trend Setting will breakdown the latest colors, imagery and general goodness inspiring us during the current season.  Bonus points: we will show you how to use them too!  We hope you love the new feature, get inspired and pin to your heart’s desire.

To kick off our first Trend Setting, say hello to turquoise and gold.  Don’t they look fancy together?  We thought so too.  Turquoise isn’t new to the trend arena, but we love pairing it with gold for a fresh take on an autumn color story.  For turquoise, the deeper, darker and more saturated...the better.  A small dose of gold in flatware or hardware adds the perfect touch of shimmer and elegance.  Stay tuned this week as we show how to use turquoise & gold for your next Thanksgiving or fall-inspired tablescape.  

Love the new feature or need help applying a new trend for your next event?  Leave a comment below, tweet us @SuiteOneStudio or e-mail diana@SuiteOneStudio.com with your feedback or questions. We would love to hear from you!  


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