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With an easy dip dye technique, a simple burlap table runner can be transformed and have your guests wondering, “Where’d you get this?!”  The Turquoise & Gold Trend Setting post introduces a fresh update on the traditional Thanksgiving or fall tablescape using deep turquoise and a touch of gold, a look we're loving this season!

This simple, ombre dye project will add a pop of turquoise and subtle texture to your beautiful table setting. Plus, it will keep the drops of gravy off the table.  You don’t need to be an dye expert, just 30 minutes or less and a few supplies that you can get through Amazon and shipped directly to your door.


What You'll Need:

Burlap Table Runner

Rit Dye Evening Blue - full 8 oz bottle

Rit Dye Dark Green - quarter cup

1/2 Cup of Salt

Large Stock Pot or Plastic Container

Rubber Gloves

Plastic Table Cover

Fabric Scraps for testing dye color (optional, can use paper towel)


Fold burlap table runner so that ends are together and facing outward.

Protect work surface with a plastic table cover.

Fill large stock pot or plastic container with very hot water (140F), enough for bottom half of table runner to immerse into container.  If tap water is not hot enough, heat water in tea kettle or microwave.

Wearing rubber gloves, shake dye bottles, add recommended amount of dye to water and stir well.

Add ½ cup of salt to dye bath and stir well.

Using scraps of fabric or paper towel, test dye color to ensure it is the shade you desire.  If color is too light, add more dye.  If color is to dark, add more water.  

Immerse bottom half of table runner into dye bath, gently lifting and lowering to create lighter and darker shades or until desired shade is achieved.  The longer in the dye bath, the darker the color will be.

Remove table runner from dye bath and wring out excess dye.  Rinse table runner under cool running water, holding the lightest color at the top.  This allows the dye to flow through the darkest area.

Rinse table runner in warm water until water runs clear.  Wring out excess water and hang to dry.   

Style on table and enjoy!

Show us what you created!  Snap a pic of your lovely table runner and faux porcelain napkin rings and tag us @suiteonestudio #suiteonestudio.



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