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Yesterday I received a much anticipated copy of the March 2013 issue of Southern Living magazine, and a complimentary issue at that! (I love when editors, stylists and photographers go that extra step to credit or acknowledge the artists they work with! So nice!) Why the excitement and anticipation? Well, this new issue includes one of my new cupcake stands! I've been dying to share this information for months now, but I try to wait until I have a copy in my hand before celebrating. Many, many spreads are cut before the final issue is printed, and sometimes things don't go quite as planned, so I try to wait (if I can!) to share the good news. I now have a copy in hand and there are issues appearing on newsstands nationwide, so I think it's officially time for a full on celebration!

This latest issue is really breathtaking. Such a beautiful, colorful issue that completely puts me in the mood for spring. Yesterday also brought snow, which down here in North Carolina is always a bit of a celebration in itself, and maybe admittedly a bit disorienting. It snowed all day, though none of it accumulated. Winter though not quite winter, that's how yesterday felt to me. The drifting white flakes seemed an immediate contradiction to the cheerful, floral centric issue I held in my hands, but I took the snow as (I'm hoping) a final sendoff to winter, at least for us here in the South. I'm ready for March which has been reassigned in my mind from a winter month to a spring month. I guess that's to be expected when you live 800 miles south of where you grew up. Or maybe it's global warming. Sad face. Anyhow, the latest issue of Southern Living also seems to promise March as a springtime month for us Southern Folk, I'll take it.

There is a discount code in the issue for use right here on this site! With the reader exclusive coupon code you'll save 20% on your entire order! There's no limit on that, so use it as many times as you like while the issue is on newsstands. Now, I can't give you the code... but I can give you this little tip-- pick yourself up a copy of March issue, you'll get the coupon code and a very, very welcome winter pick-me-up from the bright springtimey contents! You won't be disappointed! Promise!


  • Posted On August 02, 2014 by Marilyn Spies

    How I love your web site and your creations! I saw you picture in Southern Living along with some of your aqua and white ware. Gorgeous!
    I hope you make a full-size pie plate sometime soon. I would want several! There are many pieces I would love to have. I’ll have to start saving up now.

  • Posted On February 20, 2013 by Jennifer

    woah! how did i miss this new blog! yipee

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