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I love color. One peek at the Suite One Studio collection and this is evident. But sometimes, I love the simplicity of white porcelain even more than any of my colorful glazes. There is something about white porcelain that's so incredibly elegant. Add a bit of gold, and now we're in luxury territory. Some of my favorite food memories are set around the table with my family, and I remember not only their company, and the food we enjoyed, but the specialness of the plates and serveware we used for our holidays and meals together.

On our table white porcelain was mixed in with everyday pieces (which certainly impacts the mix and match philosophy I present in the Suite One Studio collection). I believe in working with what you have, and making whatever that may be as special as possible. I enjoy the process of collecting, of deliberately curating your home and table. Each week I work to present a new assortment of collectible pieces to you, released every Tuesday at 7 PM EST. Sometimes these are massive collections with more than a hundred new items available, other times a smaller specific focus can be seen in the work that's rolled out, offering all of you following along insight into my studio, the way I'm working, and what I'm thinking about.

This week I had elegant simplicity on the brain. Clean white porcelain, simple, well designed pots with purpose. And of course gold, there's always gold.

The new collection goes live tonight, 4/14 at 7 PM EST. See you then! Want a reminder for the weekly restocks? Come follow along on instagram and subscribe to the Suite One Studio newsletter.





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