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Just a quick note about tomorrow's scheduled update. We're expecting a snow and ice storm down here in the South beginning today. I think it's fair to say that we've established a reputation for how well we're able to handle our frozen precipitation. Let's just say we'd politely take humid temperatures in the 100-105 range that we can soothe away with sweating glasses of icy sweet tea, over this freezing nonsense.

Even this native New Englander hunkers down when reports of 1-3" of snow and ice begin to mount (To my friends and family in NH you read that right, 1-3 inches, not feet.). Now, that's nothing compared to the endless frozen tundra you brave Northerners have weathered this year, but it's enough to throw our Southern world into bitter turmoil.

When I was a kid in New Hampshire multiple neighbors had plows to attach to their pick-up trucks, and I lived in a city. This is not life in the South. When it snows our residential roads are usually sacrificed to the elements, making driving almost impossible until the temperatures finally rise.

Perhaps the biggest concern of all is potential power loss, which is why I'm posting this studio update. I'm shifting focus today to all power related work to fire the kilns as many times as possible before power loss becomes a real concern. 

At this point I expect to still run the update tomorrow at 7 PM EST. It may be a smaller update depending upon how the kilns finish if I do end up losing power. I'll post updates on social media, so if you're not already following along you may want to come join! Especially on Instagram, it's my favorite.

Hope you all stay warm!!! Here's to those sweet tea filled, hot and humid days ahead...


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