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(Update as of 1/21/15: The restock went live last night, 1/20/15 and is nearly sold out. The next restock is scheduled for 1/27/15 at 7 PM EST. Please sign up for the newsletter through the homepage, or follow on Instagram to receive a reminder of the update. This limited collection is sure to go fast!)

Those of you who follow on Instagram are probably aware that a shop restock is coming, any day now. There will be tons of chic, shiny, gold rims and colorful splashes of watercolor glazes all decorating handmade porcelain forms. Basically, the makings of the fanciest tables around.

Before the restock goes live, I want to hear from you. Suite One Studio is small batch in nature (there's only one of me running this whole show right now), because of this small size and the growing interest in my work, the items listed tend to sell out quickly. Good problem to have. But it is a problem, and I want you to know that I'm working on it.

I'm in the midst of installing a larger kiln, but this requires an electrician and because of my location, some extra work, so it's not a simple flip of a switch... well, it will be once it's installed, but you get what I'm saying. Until the kiln is safely installed I'm producing from my two faithful little kilns.

Recently I've been receiving an increase in emails regarding out of stock products and inquiries about an upcoming restock. If you sent such an email, thank you so much for your support! Your interest and enthusiasm in my work means the world to me. I want shopping for Suite One Studio to be easy for you, and a part of that is making sure that as many products as possible are available for purchase to as many of you as possible.

I'm already working on the first part with the kiln upgrade, but the second part is where you come in: I want to know, what day of the week is best for you to shop new Suite One Studio items? And, let's take it a step further: What time of day is best for you to shop?

This is a real question. And I would love to hear from you in the comments, or via email. Ideally, the most preferred day and time will become the new standard for weekly restocks. Yes, I said weekly restocks. Let's work together to make tables everywhere more beautiful!

Thank you in advance for your helpful suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you!


  • Posted On July 14, 2016 by Willow

    These plates are gorgeous I would love to buy one of they are for sale.



  • Posted On May 19, 2016 by Greg

    You made very beautyful ceramic.

  • Posted On May 10, 2016 by Gabriella

    Beautiful work!

    I’m going to a pottery class tonight. Yay!

    Could you tell me when /where to buy your pieces?

    I see your article and the demand for them.

    I would love to be put on an email list so I can access a website in the future.

  • Posted On January 24, 2015 by Emma Jayne

    Beautiful plates! So dreamy and gorgeous!!

    Love the watercolour effect and the natural line edges :-)

    Emma Jayne x

  • Posted On January 21, 2015 by winnie

    I adore your ceramics and can’t wait for you to restock so I can purchase a few of your beautiful ring dishes!

    Winnie (UK)

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