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Suite One Studio makes an appearance in the October 2014 issue of Food & Wine! The last page of this issue features the Most Wanted recipe request for Nancy Silverton's Harvest Salad. The salad looks amazing and after reading the dish's description I understand why people want the recipe. Concord grapes and hazelnuts together in a salad? Doesn't that sound delightful? I love simple flavor combinations that challenge expectations. I frequently add fruits and nuts to my salads, but it's usually the more expected cranberries and bleu cheese, or strawberries and feta. I've never considered pairing grapes and hazelnuts, but now I can't get the idea out of my head, so I'll certainly be trying this combo in the near future!

I was really excited about this feature because the white Pour Bowls are one of my favorite products in my line. They're simple, graceful, functional, and tremendously impactful. It's one of those pieces in my collection that really makes a big statement for such a small item (and for such a small price)! They're definitely one of those most-bang-for-your-buck pieces. When clients are in doubt of a gift to give to a friend, co-worker, or spouse, this is one of the items I most often suggest because of its uniqueness and the easy way it complements anyone's existing tableware set. (The Pie For Two pie plates, and juicers are pretty popular too, just in case you're gift shopping as you read this!)

There are so, so many beautiful ways to use a Pour Bowl and I was excited to see this item get some attention. Just think about all the ways you could use this spouted bowl: You could use it to serve a spread or dip alongside a cheeseboard or platter at your next dinner party; You could use the bowl to serve vinaigrettes for salad as shown in the gorgeous image from Food & Wine; You could use it on a dessert table serving chocolate sauce or whipped cream; You could use it as a creamer with your morning coffee; You could even use it as a simple, chic salt cellar with a vintage spoon nestled perfectly into the spout!

Versatility aside I love the actual process of making this form. The transition from the curved bowl to the delicately shaped spout calls for my attention in a unique way. Unlike some of the other items that I make more automatically now after years of practice, this form still requires my full attention as I work. There are several simultaneous considerations happening in my mind over the span of seconds as I pinch, push, pull, and gesturally shape the spout and rim. I don't labor on the rim for long because I don't want to trepidation of overwork to minimize the confidence of that little bowl's shape. Each touch to the clay is recorded in the porcelain's plastic memory, so I strive to keep my contact with each piece as straightforward and direct as possible. This gives the pots the intended organic alterations, without the messiness that can come from lingering hesitance.

Lately you may have noticed a bit more gold and shine popping up in the Suite One Studio shop. I'm really digging metallics right now and don't expect this will change any time soon. I wanted to find a way to bring the pour bowls to this bling party and after a few test experiments I've found just the way to do it. Stay tuned for pour bowls touched with gold coming later this fall, just in time for your holiday parties! (Instagram is one of the BEST places to follow for product updates and sneak peeks!)

A big thank you to Food & Wine for the beautiful feature!


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