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Recently on Instagram I've started sharing more behind the scenes photos of the work that goes into the Suite One Studio collection. These images are a break from the finished, glossy, fresh-from-the-kiln pottery photos I often share. Instead these are snapshots of the simple moments around the studio that as I seasoned maker I now often forget to notice.

When I first started working with clay these moments resonated with profoundly impactful beauty. I used to notice with gleeful joy the playfully perfect spirals of clay that flew like confetti from the wheel as I trimmed a still damp pot. Now I'm frequently guilty of only noticing the mess of clay that I now have to clean up off the floor and wheel after I've finished mindlessly trimming. I'm seeing mess, not beauty. Problem not process.

I think it's completely normal, in that it's to be expected that those daily routines become, well, routine. Even mundane. It's easy to fall into habitual carelessness, but by doing so there is a whole beautiful world that is being missed and ignored. The making process is absolutely connected to the finished product, and I've decided to make a point to share these little stops (and bumps) along the way, both so that I can reconnect with the material I fell in love with, and so that you too can see the hidden beautiful moments behind each finished pot.

I hope you'll enjoy this new series! You can follow along both here on my blog where I'll be updating with themed images each week, or you can follow directly on Instagram for daily updates.

I'd love to know: How do you stay inspired and connected to the work you're making?


  • Posted On March 26, 2014 by Guilford Hand/Eye Blog

    this was such a cool insight into your work. i find that looking at work that inspires me and taking time to get lost in a project that is for my eyes only breaks me out of a funk and keeps my passion from becoming mundane. can’t wait to see what you have coming next!

    be sure to check us out at http://guilfordhandeye.wordpress.com!

    -julia from hand/eye

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