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One of my favorite designs is getting some major play lately, and I'm loving it. I designed this piece imagining all of the food it could serve, daydreaming about its potential. I'm talking about the Regency Brushstroke Platter, with its modern low profile, organic variation, and classically inspired silhouette, all highlighted by a single wavering brushstroke of color this piece is made to serve. Created from its earliest conception to make your food look beautiful, this platter is the perfect choice for celebrating even the simplest ingredients without overshadowing the food itself. Seeing this piece used in such stunning ways is the biggest sort of confirmation that the design was successful. The variety of platings shows the versatility of this plate, but I sense a theme-- and its my favorite kind! I really enjoy that each of these photos showcases the platter serving seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are few things that I find more beautiful and inspiring than fresh, unadulterated fruits and veggies. The natural color and texture of the produce works perfectly with the smooth, clean white surface, drawing the eye to the food and all of its wonder.

The above photos are from Food52 featuring a Charcoal Brushstroke Platter (currently unavailable but soon to be back in stock in the Suite One Studio shop soon! Feel free to inquire here for more details). One of the things that makes this piece so special is the hand-painted brushstroke which follows the curves and details of the platter, subtly highlighting the food served within.

The February issue of Food & Wine features a Cobalt Brushstroke Platter in the recipe workbook, shown serving a delicious Carrot and Avocado Salad. Pick up a copy of the February issue to see this platter (and a few of other!) Suite One Studio pieces in all their serving glory. Shop the Cobalt Brushstroke Regency Platter here.

These photos make me very excited for warm, wintery vegetable dishes, but they also make me positively giddy with the thought of Spring which, I don't care what the Groundhog has to say about this, IS right around the corner. So tell me, what would you serve on this platter?




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