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In the studio we've been mixing up formulas for new, highly saturated colors to add to the Suite One Studio collection. Last week we introduced Malachite, a deep tropical green glaze that pairs beautifully with our wavering gold rims. This week another new glaze joins the ranks, Amaranth. This pink glaze falls beautifully between a red and a purple, and takes its name from the Greek language, poetry and folklore, as a flower that never fades. This symbolism makes for a natural pair with Suite One Studio ring dishes and adds meaning to engagement and wedding gifts this season.

Amaranth will be available to shop for the first time this evening through the weekly restock, live at 7 PM EST. Signup for the Suite One Studio newsletter to receive exclusive coupons and the latest about your favorite pretty plates!


  • Posted On June 09, 2018 by Kerstin


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