Fiddle Leaf Fig Cheeseboard in Bright Rose

Suite One Studio

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*Bright Rose is a brighter version of our signature pink glaze. Every so often the kiln surprises us with a brighter version and it's a happy occurrence that we can't recreate! We've left the usual color in the listing for comparison. Please note you'll receive a Bright Rose version.

Inspired by the centuries old traditional of cabbage and lettuce ware, we created a modern version based on the most ubiquitous-to-our-moment leaf, the Fiddle Leaf Fig! Shaped by hand this lovely leaf is made from dense porcelain for an ideal serving heft.

The serving surface is glazed with a translucent, watercolor pink in our signature Rose, handmade glaze.

The underside is unglazed, signed by Lindsay Emery and sanded to a smooth finish.

As one fan said, 'Finally a Fiddle Leaf Fig that won't die." That about sums it up!


Approx: 12.75" by 9.25"

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