Seconds Ellipse Platter in Tourmaline with Gold Splatters

Suite One Studio

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*Reduced by 10% due to a very faint gray smudge on the underside of each tray. The marks are easily ignored, and are caused from organic material left behind in the firing process. On any other clay these wouldn't be visible, but on the white porcelain they're faintly noticeable.

Handmade from smooth white porcelain, our versatile Ellipse Platter is covered with a watercolor layer in deep Tourmaline. This hue is the perfect balance between a rich green and a deep, inky blue, making it the perfect partner for our signature Rose glaze and genuine gold accents. Each platter is finished with celebratory gold splatters and a wavering, hand painted gold rim.

The watercolor pooling of this glaze creates a beautifully varied surface. Where it is darkest the glaze is nearly black and mirror-like giving way to gradually lighter areas where the white porcelain is barely visible beneath the translucent glaze.The exterior remains unglazed and is sanded to a smooth finish for tactile contrast and easy, slip-free handling.


11.5" long by 7.5" wide by .75" tall

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