Ring Dish in Amaranth with Gold Rim

Suite One Studio


This is a Limited Edition in our handmade Amaranth glaze brought back in a tiny batch! Available while supplies last!

Shaped by hand this pretty little porcelain dish features swirling watercolor glaze in a deep Amaranth pink. 

This deep pink glaze falls beautifully between a red and a purple, and takes its name from the Greek language, poetry and folklore, as a flower that never fades. This symbolism makes for a natural pair with Suite One Studio ring dishes and adds meaning to engagement and wedding gifts this season.

The edge of the dish is hand painted with genuine gold and fired in the kiln for added durability. This sweet little dish is perfectly sized for holding your favorite rings and other small sparkly things.


Approx. 4"

*Each watercolor surface will feature its own unique marks! You will receive a one-of-a-kind piece similar to the one shown.

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