Oil Painting: Independent Hues // 24 x 20"

Suite One Studio



Independent Hues, references a line in Emily Dickinson's poem, The Bluebird. How poignantly she expressed that darting brilliant blue amongst the other colors of nature!

The bright flashes of blue in this painting capture the dancing movement of a Bluebird in my backyard, my first sighting of the season which happened while painting this piece.

I'd worked on this piece for months without the bluebird in it, and could never quite finish it.. something was missing. When I spotted that joyous sign of spring, suddenly I knew just how to complete this original oil painting.


24" by 20"

*Painting sold without frame. Framed image is a digital mock-up for inspiration and framing suggestions. Please note the scale of painting in the mock-up may appear differently in your space. All paintings sold wired on back for easy hanging!

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