Oval Serving Platter in Chambray Stripe

Suite One Studio


This handmade serving platter is an updated, upsized version of our classic oval platter. The simple, organic oval shape remains but we changed the slope of the interior surface to create a shallow bowl-like plate; ideal for serving.

The interior is hand painted with wavering brushstroke stripes in our latest glaze addition, Chambray. This flowing watercolor wash provides a uniquely layered and varied surface, which ranges from pale blue to deeper denim hues. The finished surface is high gloss with occasional crystal formations, which present as subtle white flecked variations, adding further handmade interest.

The edge is hand painted with a wavering brushstroke of genuine gold and fired in the kiln for durability. The exterior remains unglazed and is sanded to a smooth finish adding tactile and visual contrast, and an easy to grip surface that gets softer and smoother to the touch over time.


14" long by 10.5" wide

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