Magnolia Leaf Tray #6

Suite One Studio


The Magnolia Leaf Collection captures the change in season as hot, hazy southern summers transition into the crispness of autumn.

Every leaf design was individually impressed into smooth, white porcelain from a real Magnolia Leaf gently plucked from my North Carolina garden.

To accentuated the variations of each leaf, pale cobalt blue watercolor paintings were added to the delicate leaf fossils.

Each tray is unique, with every leaf placed thoughtfully to freeze in movement the soft swirling of leaves as they fall to the ground.

The classic blue and white porcelain color palette makes these trays a timeless addition to any table! While their theme is autumnal, the classic presentation makes these a beautiful statement piece for your decor year round.


*Hand-washing recommended 


15.5" long by 8.75" wide

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