Limited Edition: Salad Plates in Mint and Gold Splatters (Set of Two)

Suite One Studio


This is a Limited Edition, only available in the month of March!

A set of two handmade porcelain salad plates glazed with our handmade Mint glaze, and hand embellished with genuine 22k gold details. This chic, high gloss glaze is formulated to a watercolor finish to highlight the ivory white porcelain clay beneath. 

Each porcelain plate is formed by hand, glazed, gilded, and fired three separate times in the kiln for superior durability. The underside of each plate is unglazed, embossed with the Suite One Studio maker's stamp and sanded to a smooth finish. The unglazed porcelain is fired to vitrification providing a stain resistant finish that holds up beautifully to regular use.


Approx. 8.25" diameter

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