Limited Edition: Mini Bowl in Amaranth with Gold Rim

Suite One Studio


This is a Limited Edition offered in our handmade, Amaranth glaze available only while supplies last!

A tiny handmade porcelain bowl decorated with our handmade Amaranth glaze finished with a hand-painted 22k gold rim.

This deep pink glaze falls beautifully between a red and a purple, and takes its name from the Greek language, poetry and folklore, as a flower that never fades. This symbolism is perfect for Valentine's Day!

A few of our favorite uses for these miniature bowls: Holding rings by the bedside or sink, holding pinches of salt and pepper in the kitchen or dining table, holding paperclips in the office.

(Like all our products the gold is fired in the kiln for durability and food safety.)


3.5" wide by 1" tall

*Listing is for one bowl

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